Washer Production

As Norm Fasteners, we have been supporting the sub-industry of automotive, white goods and leading industry companies in sheet metal forming and washer production since 2018. We produce washers with flat, conical, square, and oval inner hole geometries in thicknesses of Ø 5 to Ø 80, 1 to 8 mm, which can be attached to bolts and nuts or can be attached later, and we deliver error-free products to our customers with sorting machines.

Our washer production facility produces 300 million washers with 4000 tonnes of raw sheet metal material with 75 employees and 14 press machines as of 2022.

By moving our 5000 m2 closed area production activities to our new 8000 m2 facility in 2023, we aim to use 10,000 tonnes of raw sheet metal materials for 2025.

How do we produce?
Raw Material

Coil sheet raw materials, supplied from ISO 9001-certified domestic and foreign steel producers and recorded in the ERP system via the EDI system, become usable after the input quality control activities are completed. Due to the ERP system, product traceability is ensured from the raw material acceptance stage. During the incoming quality control phase, conformity to technical specifications, chemical analysis controls, and visual and mechanical properties are also checked.

Press House

We can produce products in different geometries according to demand with our presses that can press 80 tons to 250 tons.


To respond to our business partners' special requests and improve product quality, the deburring process is applied to remove sharp corners and burrs caused by the cutting process in the products.

Heat Treatment

The heat treatment process ensures the mechanical values specified in the customer product request. Suitable mechanical values are guaranteed with the fully automatic controlled quenching + tempering process in line form


With our fully automatic sorting devices that can perform dimensional control with the camera imaging method, the dimensions requested by our business partners are controlled 100%, and production is carried out with zero error principle.


Coating operations are carried out by Norm Coating, a subsidiary of Norm Holding. Zinc, zinc nickel, and zinc-aluminum lamellar (dorken, geomet, magni) coating types used to protect metal surfaces from corrosion or to give them decorative, and engineering properties can be applied.


The products are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes in line with the demands of our business partners or standard packing list and made ready for shipment on EURO PALLET. Pallets are wrapped with stretch film and taped with plastic tape. To ensure retrospective traceability, product specifications and lot information are available on the labels on the boxes.

Salihli Washer Production Facility

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