Screw Production

Our screw production, which started in 2014 in Salihli Organised Industrial Zone with a gross area of 20.000 m2 and a closed area of 12.000 m2, continues in a total of 36.500 m2 gross and 22.000 m2 closed area with the commissioning of the new facility in January 2021.

Norm Vida

We serve sectors such as automotive main and sub-industry, white goods, health, construction, machinery, furniture, and electrical-electronics.

We are Turkey's leading company in screw production with our superior quality policy, wide product range, and 15.000 tonnes/year production capacity as of 2022.

How do we produce?
Raw Material Acceptance and Wire Drawing

Raw materials are procured from domestic and foreign steel producers with ISO 9001 and/or ISO TS 16949 certificates and become usable in the system after chemical analysis. Dimensional, visual and mechanical properties are checked.

The wire drawing section is where material preparation for the cold-forming process is carried out. Raw materials are subjected to diameter reduction from 6 mm to 2.13 mm.


The annealing process is carried out in Norm Fasteners Nut production facilities. Raw materials are subjected to normalization annealing in coil or after the wire drawing process. Not all raw materials are annealed, and the type of annealing to be applied is determined according to the degree of cold-forming difficulty of the final product. Normalization annealing is up to 40 tonnes. Annealing is fully automatic, and programs can be selected according to the raw material group.

Surface Treatment

The surface treatment process is carried out in Norm Fasteners Nut production facilities. Surface cleaning and phosphate coating processes of the raw material are carried out in the surface treatment pools, enabling the raw material to work efficiently in the cold forging molds and preventing rusting.

Precision Wire Drawing (Skinpass)

The diameter reduction process is applied with not exceeding 12% of the semi-finished raw material diameter. With this method, the annealed semi-finished raw material is made ready before cold forming by providing the final diameter, hardness, surface quality, and linearity.

Cold Forming

In this process, the wires, whose rolling and surface treatments are completed, are given head forms in double-stroke or multi-station machines according to the difficulty level of the products. Customer demands are met by using automation devices, process control systems, projects, and technical drawings in the machines. Machine speeds vary according to part dimensions and geometry. With the machines in our facilities, production is made between 2.9-10 mm in diameter and 10-220 mm in length dimensions.

Self Drill Pointing

In the end crushing process, the drill bit forms of DIN 7504 series screws are formed. In addition, the end forms of special screws with different features are also made in these machines. The production length range is between 13mm-150mm. There are 21 machines in total.


In this section, the semi-finished screws, which have completed cold forming, are threaded by the rolling method between fixed and movable combs. The machines in our park make production between 2,9-10 mm diameter and 10-220 mm length dimensions.

All parameters are automatically controlled and stored in our furnaces with an average capacity of 1.200kg/hour. With a lot of traceability, it is possible to go down to the raw material detail.

Heat Treatment

Carbonatization heat treatment is performed in belt-type continuous furnaces to improve the mechanical properties of cold-formed semi-finished products.
This thermochemical process is when carbon and nitrogen elements are diffused simultaneously on the material's surface.
In our process, TS EN ISO 10666 and CQI-9 norms, among the automotive industry's requirements, are applied.


Coating operations are carried out at Norm Coating facilities, a subsidiary of Norm Holding.
Zinc, zinc phosphate, zinc nickel, zinc nickel, and zinc lamella coating types can be applied to protect metal surfaces from corrosion or give them decorative and engineering properties.


In addition to the dimensional properties of screws and bolts such as thread top, thread bottom, head diameter, head height, length, etc., cracks and form defects can also be sorted.
We sort products with the machines in our facilities with M3 -M8 threads and an 8-200 mm length range.

Washer Assembling

In this process, EPDM-type sealing washers with diameters of 4.8- 5.5- 6.3 mm are installed on roof, concrete, and panel screws.


Packaging operations are carried out at Norm Coating facilities, a subsidiary of Norm Holding.

Products are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes per customer demands or standard packing lists and made ready for shipment on Euro pallets. Pallets are wrapped with stretch film and taped with plastic tape. To ensure retrospective traceability, the labels on the boxes contain product type, product standard, product quality, product batch (lot) number, coating type, quantity, and packaging date.

The pallets' labels contain the customer's name, order number, gross weight, net weight, type of product in the pallet, batch (lot) number, and quantity.

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