Nut Production

As a result of increasing customer demands and new investments due to the separation of bolt and nut production in 1996, our nut production facility started production at its current location in Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone.

In addition to our Izmir production facility, which has a 10.000m² closed area and a total area of 20.000m², our Salihli production facility, with a total area of 30.000m², 17.000m² of which is closed, was commissioned in 2014 in Salihli Organized Industrial Zone. Our Izmir production facility was expanded to a total area of 38,000 m², 28,000 m² of which is closed, with the additional parcel acquired and investments made in 2019. With the new settlement investments to be completed in 2023, our Salihli production facility will expand its production line in a closed area of 44,500 m2 on a total of 52,300 m2 campus.

Our nut production facilities, with nearly 1000 employees and a production capacity of 59,000 tonnes/year, serve many companies from different sectors, especially automotive, in Turkey and abroad.

As Norm Fasteners, Turkey's leading nut manufacturer, we serve as the nut supplier to many automotive companies in Turkey and Europe. In 2017, with our design center unit approved in 2017, we also respond to our business partners' special product design demands.

How do we produce?
Annealing Process

In this process, materials are heat up to the annealing temperature slowly, keep it at the annealing temperature for a while and cool it slowly in order to reduce the hardness of metallic materials. The aim of this process is to increase the formability of steel.

Surface Treatment Process

In this process, surface cleaning and phosphate coating are carried out. Surface treatment is made for allowing the raw material work easily in cold forging dies and also for the prevention for oxidation of raw material.

Wire Drawing Process

It is the process in which the raw material is straightened and brought to the final material diameter to obtain a homogenous surface for smooth operation in cold forging machines.

Cold Forging Process

Cold forging is the shaping of metal at room temperature. The product is shaped to its final form by nuts, bushings, and rivet nuts pass through sequential dies in 5,6, and 7 station machines.

Threading Process

It is the process in which the semi-finished nuts produced as threadless in cold forging machines are threaded with the help of taps in threading machines.

Deburring Process

To clean the threaded nuts from dirtiness, they are first cleaned with the help of vibration in the sieve. Nuts are washed in the drum with cleaning fluid. Then the nuts are rotated at high speed in the centrifuge to remove the dirtiness used in the cold forming process and cleaning fluid used in the deburring process.

Heat Treatment Process

Our heat treatment ovens, which operate continuously 7/24, are used to provide the semi-finished products, whose cold forming is completed, with their final mechanical properties. All products reach 8, 10, or 12 qualities in this process by heating the steel to the austenite phase in a controlled atmosphere and sudden cooling in oil.

All parameters are automatically controlled and stored in our furnaces with an average capacity of 1,200kg/hour. With a lot of traceability, it is possible to go down to the raw material detail.

Coating Process

Zinc coating types used to protect metal surfaces from corrosion or to give them decoratively, and engineering properties are electrolytic zinc, zinc-nickel, and zinc lamella coatings which provide a smooth surface, superior cosmetic appearance, high heat resistance, Cr+6 free and high corrosion resistance with applied top lacquers. This process is carried out in-house at Norm Coating facilities, one of our Norm Holding subsidiaries.

Fiber and Washer Fastening Process

It is the process in which the plastic fiber material in the fiber nuts is driven into the semi-finished product, and the washer and nut are fixed to each other in self-washing nuts in similar machine groups.

Side Tightening Process

It is the process in which tightening torques are provided by distorting the nut form from two parallel sides under conditions where loosening similar to fiber nut is not desired.

Sorting Process

In this process, dimensional and visual control is carried out with 100% control with nut and bushing sorting machines with 5-6-7 cameras and computer-controlled automatic filling and bagging within Norm Coating.

Packaging Process

Within Norm Coating, the packaging of the products in the desired packaging specifications according to customer requests is carried out and shipped to the warehouse.

İzmir Nut Production Facility
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Salihli Nut Production Facility
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