Started in 2008 and carried out in Norm Tooling production facilities, one of our Norm Holding companies, our machining activities are carried out in a closed area of 5.000m2.

Our machining processes are planned with a fully automated setup. Both cold-formed products and raw materials to finished products can be processed. We can provide fully automated line design following customer needs with our expert staff and know-how to perform batch production in different raw material types, from copper to titanium, for serial products.

With the principle of Industry 4.0, we guarantee product traceability with our integrated production system by paying attention to occupational safety and occupational health rules. We carry out all operations with robotic system transports from raw material to the product, which is processed and 100% camera-controlled sorting operations are completed.

How do we produce?
Precision Machining

A pioneer in the field of precision machining activities, full automation, and product-specific design lines. According to customer expectations, products of the desired quality can be modeled in 3D and simulated in CAM programs. In the production lines designed for flexible product production or product group in line with demand, precision machining is carried out both on cold-formed steel draft and from solid material with different raw material types.

With Industry 4.0 and lean production practices, all processes, from raw material to packaging, are completed in a fully automated, traceable, and dimensionally controlled manner, and precision machining is carried out with zero error targets.

With 21 machining machines and an average machining speed of 21 pcs/sec, precision machining product production with an annual production capacity of 19,000,000 products continues its activities with 32 employees.


In line with the expectations of the automotive and white goods sector, dimensional controls with camera imaging and image processing method and crack rules with eddy current method are carried out with our fully automatic machines based on customer demand. With 15 sorting machines and a controlled speed of 6 s/piece, the sorting process has an annual sorting capacity of 50,000,000 products and continues its activities with 19 employees.

İzmir Machining Facility
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