As Norm Fasteners, we place innovation at the center of all our processes, make it a part of our corporate culture, and support creative ideas in all areas..
Our Innovation
Point of View

We contribute to the development and transformation of the sector with our passion for innovation, our R&D engineers and strong information technology resources. With our academic studies and collaborations, we bring technological innovations to production and increase efficiency in business development and production processes.

With the information technology consultancy and services of Norm Digital, one of our affiliates, we digitalize all our processes with IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation. We adopt digital transformation as a corporate culture and serve our business partners with agile and flexible solutions from design to production, from sales to logistics. While we digitalize our processes with IT-independent applications developed by Norm Digital, we also increase in-company efficiency.

With the production and engineering services of Norm Additive, one of our affiliates operating in the field of additive manufacturing, we eliminate the geometric restrictions imposed by traditional production technologies while producing parts that cannot be made with conventional production technologies. We increase efficiency in production, reduce the use of raw materials, and provide cost and lead time advantages in the production of customized parts in low quantities.

We bring together our experience and knowledge in production with up-to-date technology by means of the robotic automation systems developed by NRM Engineering company, which operates in the fields of robotic applications, artificial vision test and measurement equipments, one-to-one product control systems, high pressure aluminum casting lubrication robots, delta robots, robotic welding systems, assembly apparatus, machine applications,. We support our goal of zero error and high quality in production with the robotic automation systems of our machinery and automation company NRM Engineering, which provides support in project feasibility, project management, design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and measuring and after sales support.