Bolt Production

In 1994, our bolt production, which started in 1973 in Izmir Bornova, was moved to its new facility in Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, which is currently in operation. In 2013, our bolt production facility in Salihli Organized Industrial Zone was established.

We produce in an area of 55.000 m2 in Izmir and 45.409 m2 in Salihli and serve in different sectors such as automotive main and sub-industry, white goods, construction, machinery, furniture, electrical-electronics.

With our superior quality policy, wide product range, 100.000 tonnes/year bolt production capacity as of 2022, and over 1000 employees in our bolt production facilities, we are the leading fastener manufacturer that provides the fastest production increase and growth in Turkey.

How do we produce?
Raw Material Acceptance and Annealing Process

Raw materials are procured from ISO 9001 and/or ISO TS 16949-certified domestic and overseas steel producers and transferred to the Norm Fasteners ERP system via the EDI system. The raw material becomes available in the system after completing incoming quality control process. Raw material incoming quality control is performed at certain intervals in terms of conformity with Norm Fasteners' technical specifications. In these inspections, in addition to the controls of chemical analyses, the raw material's dimensional, visual and mechanical properties are also checked. At Norm Fasteners, raw materials are subjected to softening and spheroidizing annealing in coils. Not all raw materials are annealed, and the type of annealing to be applied is determined according to the degree of cold-forming difficulty of the final product. Softening and spheroidizing annealing is up to 40 tonnes per charge. Annealing is fully automatic, and programs can be selected according to the raw material group.

Shot Blasting

In the shot blasting section, the surface of the wire rod is mechanically cleaned by spraying steel balls at high speed from turbines. The wire rods whose surface cleaning is completed are transferred to the drying pools by applying a chemical coating process in the polymer pools. In the drying pools, homogenous heat is applied to cure the polymer on the raw material. After the drying process, an automatic haspelling process is carried out with transfer trolleys.

Wire Drawing

In the wire drawing department, the coils to be used by the cold forming department are prepared by wire drawing to the desired final diameter values using appropriate rolling molds.

Cold Forming

The raw materials, subjected to annealing, shot blasting and wire drawing processes, are transformed into bolts and fasteners by cold forming in multi-station machines. The products are produced according to the customer's request by using automation devices (online traceability and process control systems with data automation programs) and tablets in the machines. Machine speeds vary according to the part geometry, and the speed can reach up to 300 pcs/min. Norm Fasteners can produce in diameters between M4 and M24.

Secondary Operations

In our secondary operations unit, additional applications such as thread rolling on bolts (threading), nut and washer installation with automation, end splitting, grooving, and plastic washer installation is performed. Secondary processes work on a batch basis. Raw material and process details can be accessed from our batch numbers, and all machines can be monitored online with the data automation program.

Heat Treatment
Reclamation (Irrigation + Tempering)

To provide the semi-finished products, whose cold forming is completed, with their final mechanical properties, our continuous system heat treatment furnaces operating 24/7 are used. In this process, all products reach 8.8, 10.9, or 12.9 quality by heating the steel to the austenite phase in a controlled atmosphere and sudden cooling in oil. All parameters are automatically controlled and stored in our furnaces with an average capacity of 1,200 kg/hour. With a lot of traceability, it's possible to go down to the detail of the raw material. In all our heat treatment processes, we apply CQI-9, which is one of the requirements of the automotive industry, and share it with the primary sector and their tier-1 supplier customers annually.

Izmir Bolt Production Facility
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Salihli Bolt Production Facility
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