Who We Are?

With our R&D center including experienced engineers, more than 2000 employees, 50 years of experience, an innovative human resources perspective, high production capacity and our up to date developed technology, we have become Turkey's leading manufacturer of fasteners.
Norm Holding

We operate in 9 different countries, national and international, with more than 4,000 employees, 24 companies, 20 production, and 15 sales and logistics centers in the field of fasteners, marketing and trade, technology, additive manufacturing, tooling and sheet metal forming, machining, chemistry, machinery and automation, hot forging, agriculture and food industry.

Together with our high production capability, we are working to achieve a sustainable future by investing in technology and human resources.

Norm Fasteners

In 1973, we started our journey with the production of fasteners and transformed it into a vision that competes with the world, develops without compromising on quality, produces with technology leading to many achievements and awards.

We are Turkey's leading fastener manufacturer with high production capacity, quality, and an innovative human resources perspective, built on our values and the technology we develop every year.

Our extensive logistics network operates in the Canada, USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Romania, Turkey, and China. We are among the top 5 in Europe and the top 12 in the world.

We create value by providing full in-house production support with our R&D, engineering, surface treatment, annealing, cold forming, molding, heat treatment, machinery and automation, coating, sorting, packaging and logistics services and fully integrated production facilities, we create value for our business partners.

With our R&D center including experienced engineers, more than 2000 employees, 50 years of experience in national and the international market, we operate mainly in the automotive main and sub-industry, spare parts white goods, electronics, furniture, construction and machinery sectors

In addition to our manufacturing activities, we also serve as a Full Service Provider (FSP) in the domestic and international fastener market.

As part of our commitment to being a responsible company, we are proud to join the United Nations Global Compact. To leave a more sustainable world for future generations, we say "Future Matters" and comply with the Sustainable Development Goals.


To be a trustworthy company and preferred global solution partner that creates value for its stakeholders


To be a global company that pursues excellence together with our employees.


First bolt production started under the Norm Cıvata brand.
Nut production began.
Moved to the new production facility in AOSB and first export was accomplished.
Nut production commenced as a separate production facility under Norm Somun brand.
The sales and logistics center was established in France.
The coating facility was established under the Uysal Makina brand and in-house coating began.
In the heart of the automotive industry, Norm Bursa was established.
ISO 16949 certificate was obtained.
In Istanbul, the heart of the Turkish marketing industry, Best Kale Cıvata has joined Norm Holding Affiliated Companies.
In the nut production facility in Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone, Norm Art Gallery was established.
Ford Q1 documentation was obtained.
Tooling facility was established under the Nedu Kalıp brand and in-house production started.
Izmir Norm Vocational Training was established in Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone.
Precision Machining activities started.
R&D Center established with a team of 62 experts in the field.
Norm GmbH started operating as sales and logistics center in Germany.
Screw production started under the brand MS Vida.
IAOSB Nedim Uysal Anatolian Technical High School opened.
Norm Holding was established, and all brands were gathered under the roof of Norm Holding.
FastenersCo was established in the United States of America.
Sales and logistics center was established in Poland.
Transition to SAP software was made.
Sales and logistics center was established in Romania.
Norm Sustainability Committee was established.
Hot forging service started under the Norm Forging brand.
Washer production started.
Norm Fasteners has been granted the “Best Employer” award at the Kincentric Best Employers Program.
Norm Cıvata, Norm Somun and MS Vida brands moved under the Norm Fasteners umbrella brand.
The sales and logistics center was established in Canada.
Norm Holding companies have won Deloitte Turkey’s Best Managed Companies.
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Worldwide Presence We operate in 9 countries with more than 2000 employees, 13 sales centers, and 4 R&D design centers. More details